Saudi aggression aircraft launch 32 airstrikes on Jawf, Marib, Jizan


The Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes on Friday launched 32 air raids on several districts of Marib and Jawf provinces and Jizan region.

Security sources confirmed that the aggression warplanes targeted Marib with 25 raids, 20 of which on Al-Jubah district, three on Jabal Murad district, and two others on Sirwah district.

The sources said also that the  aggression coalition fighter jets launched three raids on Al-Maraziq area in Khub Washa’f district and two others on Allabanat area in Al-Hazm district in Jawf province, while two raids hit Wadi Jarah in Jizan.

On Thursday, the coalition waged 20 raids on Al-Jubah, Harib, Sirwah, and Al-Abdiya districts of Marib, and three raids on Khub Washa’f district in Jawf.