PM inspects final preparations for launch of “Palestine Conference” in Sana’a


Prime Minister of Sana’a, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, inspected the final preparations for the place and location of the second conference on “Palestine is the central issue of the nation,” which is scheduled to be held in Sana’a during the period from (22-25) Ramadan, under the slogan “You are not alone.”

The Chairman of the Supreme Supervisory Committee, Dr. Bin Habtoor, was briefed on the progress of the technical preparations for the venue for the conference, in which an elite group of intellectuals, politicians, free activists, and scholars from Yemen and various Arab, Islamic, and international countries will participate.

Bin Habtoor and the visitors heard from the head of the conference’s preparatory committee, Dr. Abdulrahim Al-Humran, and the conference coordinator, Dr. Ahmed Al-Arami, about the level of implementation of the work of all technical, technical, scientific, academic, and other assistance committees.

Al-Humran and Al-Arami explained that the conference would discuss more than 80 peer-reviewed papers and scientific research submitted by academics and researchers from Yemen and a number of Arab and foreign countries.