637 pilgrims leave Sana’a International Airport for Holy Land


Sana’a International Airport on Wednesday departed 637 pilgrims heading to the Holy Land to perform Hajj and Umrah for the year 1445 AH.

The first flight of the second batch of Yemeni pilgrims departed from Sana’a International Airport to Jeddah via a Yemen Airways plane with 233 pilgrims, while the second flight took off with 153 pilgrims, while Yemen Airways carried 251 pilgrims from Sana’a International Airport on the third flight to Jeddah to perform Hajj and Umrah.

A number of pilgrims departing Sana’a International Airport expressed to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) their happiness with the simplification of their travel procedures and the elegant treatment of them by airport workers.

They considered Sana’a airport to be the first in the republic, the closest to most governorates and the first gateway to the world.