Abu Obeida: Israeli occupation forces receiving painful blows everywhere they are invading


The spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas resistance movement, said that nine months into Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza the regime’s forces are still receiving painful blows everywhere they are invading.

Abu Obeida made the remarks in a Sunday statement as the Israeli onslaught on the besieged Palestinian territory entered its tenth month.

He said that despite nine months of Israel’s incessant airstrikes and artillery fire, “the enemy [has] received and continues to receive a response from our resistance fighters … [who are] killing its soldiers, destroying its vehicles, and ambushing its forces. In parallel, it is receiving painful blows everywhere it has invaded again.”

“The enemy [forces] will emerge defeated as they did before, by the power of Allah Almighty,” the Al-Qassam spokesman said.

Slamming the inability of international organizations to force the regime to accept a ceasefire in Gaza, Abu Obeida said that nine months after the beginning of the Israeli onslaught “our people are still being subjected to Nazi-Zionist-American aggression and genocide as punishment for defending their land and exercising their natural right to expel their occupiers.”

“This is happening in full view of the world and on live broadcast screens, so that the world can see through Gaza the lies of international organizations, the inffectiveness of alleged human rights’ laws, and the flaw of selective international justice,” he said.

Abu Obeida added that the world today openly sees that the Zionist regime is “denying even the existence of the Palestinian people, [and is] practicing systematic cleansing and genocide in the West Bank, Al-Quds, and Gaza.”

He emphasized that despite Israel’s nine-month aggression against Gaza, “our resistance has not been exhausted, nor has it relented, nor has it subsided, as we are still fighting in Gaza without support or external supply of weapons and [military] equipment.”

The Al-Qassam spokesman said that Palestinian resistance fighters “are inflicting casualties on the enemy’s targets and defeating its army, although it is heavily armed and equipped and is supported by the United States and Britain, who are the main partners in [Israel’s] aggression and genocide.”

He noted that the regime’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not care about Israeli captives held in Gaza, adding, “…the fate of your children, O enemy public, has become a game in the hands of your prime minister and his thuggish government ministers who are obsessed with destruction and killing.”

The Al-Qassam spokesman also sent a stern message to Israeli forces, saying, “There is no place for you in proud Gaza … nor for mercenary soldiers equipped with the latest military technology, nor for mercenaries fighting for hire in a losing battle, nor for forces holed up in civilian homes like thieves, nor for officers hiding behind armored vehicles. All of them will be killed, injured, or [will] run with fear.”

Source: Press TV