Saudi blockade and continued raids starve Yemen of vital supplies

A report prepared by FAO and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation said that the production and investment capacity of Yemen has negatively affected because o the conflicts and war. 
The report added that the first harvest season in the governorates of Yemen had been set back because of the war, civil insecurity, disruption of markets and the rising costs of fuel. 
According to the World Food Program in أغسطس 2015 the total goods available for humanitarian aid in Yemen is 75.878 metric tons which is still below the needed supplies for people. 
The report said that the nutritional and health status were deteriorated in 2014, and get worse in 2015 because of the Saudi-led coalition aggression. 
The report emphasized that –aggression raids put civilians at risk and resulted a tremendous amount of internal displacement and migration abroad. The report said that the internally displaced people number reached nearly one million and 500 thousand people.