Yemen Celebrate The 52 Anniversary Of October 14 Glorious Revolution


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Althawra Net

Political Council of Ansarullah congratulated Yemenis on the occasion of the 52 anniversary of October 14 glorious Revolution.

A statement issued by the Political Council of Ansarullah said that the fifty-second anniversary of October 14 Revolution against British colonialism immortalized in the Yemenis memories the freedom, glory and Dignity.

“Yemenis inspired great lessons from this revolution especially that the country is exposed again to invasion and occupation by the Saudi-led coalition forces,” the statement added.

The statement added that October 14 Revolution tells that the fate of any colonized and occupier is defeat and disappointment.

Political Council of Ansarullah stressed that the Yemeni people will continue the path of national liberation, ” the new invaders do not represent themselves, but they are the claws of the US colonization, and any negligence in fighting them will put Yemen at great risk”.