The Yemeni Army Frees Tow Children From Al-Qaida Hand


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemeni Army and popular committee freed two children after  a military attack in one of the villages under the control of  al-Qaida’ in  al- Beidha  province  .

Ahmed, 10 Years old, and Yahaya 12 years old, are from Atma’a province. They left their school to search for work in order to  support their families , but  fate was not fair with them, it  forced them to be prisoners with terrorists group .

They were working as venders in al-Beidha when they were kidnapped  by Ansar al- Sharia.The children lived a whole month in torture in Afar district  for sins  they didn’t commit.  Their only charge was that they are working with AnsarAllah, but actually they were searching for a living far away from any group.

The children were kidnaped by  a driver called ( al – Zafari ) who received  50,000 Yemeni riayl from the terrorists  group. The children were rescued by the Army and popular committee with  the help of  a  tribe Shaikh and  the driver was captured.

“I was misled by the terrorist groups. I was in a real need for money so I accepted this shameful act,” the driver said.

Yemeni Army and popular committee controlled most of the areas in Al- Beidha province and achieves big victories.