Al-Murtada: Nine prisoners of the army and Popular committees are freed form Al-Jwaf and The West Coast Fronts


The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs succeeded in implementing two new prisoner exchange deals with the other party on the Al-Jwaf and West Coast fronts.

On Wednesday, the head of the National Prisoners’ Affairs Committee, Abdel-Qader Al-Murtada, announced the liberation of nine prisoners of the army and popular committees in two exchanges on the al-Jawf and West Coast fronts.

He emphasized  that the two operations were carried out through local mediation.

On the 29th of last March, the Prisoners’ Committee managed to free four prisoners of the army and the popular committees in an exchange operation on the West Coast front through local mediation.

The operation came one day after the release of 14 prisoners from the Al-Jawf front through local understandings, after less than 96 hours of a similar operation in the same governorate that liberated five prisoners of the army and committees through local mediation.