Army drones wage fresh attacks on Saudi Jaddah, Abha airports


Yemeni Air Force, early Monday , carried out drone attacks targeting Saudi Abha and Jeddah International Airports, said the Armed Forces spokesman.

Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e affirmed that two drones of Samad 3 and Qasef 2K types were used in the attack.

He further confirmed that “the drone operations at Jeddah and Ahah airports hit their targets with high accuracy and caused the suspension of air traffic in the two airports for nearly two hours ,”

Sare’e considered the targeting of military sites at the airports is a natural and legitimate response to the air escalation of the Saudi-led aggression coalition and its comprehensive siege on Yemen.

Since February 10 until today, the air force had waged offensive operations, targeting the warplanes hangars and sensitive military sites at the Abha and Jaddah airports and King Khalid Base in Khamis Mushait area.