YPC: Yemen sees worst fuel crisis in 60 years


The Yemeni Petroleum Company (YPC) issued a statement saying that Yemen is witnessing the worst fuel crisis in 60 years, causing the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis  due the detention of oil derivatives ships  by the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition.

The continued detention of fuel ships by the US-Saudi aggression coalition has lasted far than what any country, importing all of it fuel, can stand.

During a stand organized by the company’s employees in front of the United Nations office, the company indicated that the forces of the US-Saudi aggression are still holding five oil ships, including one loaded with diesel and four loaded with 116K tons of gasoline and diesel for varying periods of more than five months.

At the stand, the executive director of the oil company, Eng. Ammar Al-Adari, explained that this crisis is accompanied by the worst international silence. He pointed out that this indicates systematic piracy, denouncing the silence of the United Nations General Assembly as it sees the United Nations trample on its charter.

He said, “How could the US-Saudi aggression deprive 26 million citizens of the simplest foundations of life, foremost among which are fuel.”

He pointed out that a whole year has passed and the country is witnessing a suffocating crisis in light of international silence, indicating that the United Nations, along with the forces of the coalition of aggression led by US, bears full responsibility for acts of piracy that are inconsistent with all international conventions and laws.

Al-Adari stressed that since the beginning of the year 2021 AD, the aggression has not allowed even one liter of gasoline to enter the port of Hodeidah, and for diesel, the ship entered the rich, which represents only 4 percent of the actual need during the five months.

“How can the aggression and the United Nations seek peace in Yemen while they are carrying out the blockade and preventing fuel from the Yemenis?” He added.

He called on the free people of the world to continue to pressure the United Nations and the forces of the aggression to release all detained fuel ships and to open Sana’a International Airport.

A statement issued by protesters, condemning  the international silence and lethargy towards the suffering of the Yemeni people as a result of the blockade and piracy on fuel ships.

The statement called on humanitarian, human rights organizations and international public opinion to take serious actions to prevent the detention of oil vessels.