A Citizen wounded By Saudi Bombing on Sa’ada


A citizen was wounded on Wednesday as a result of Saudi artillery shelling on Al-Raqo area in the Munabih border district of Sa’adah governorate.

 citizen was killed by Saudi border guards’ gunfire in the same area.

In recent weeks, dozens of civilians, including children and women, were martyred and wounded in almost daily crimes committed by the Saudi forces, especially in Al-Raqo area and the border areas in general.

In light of its defeats on various frontlines and its failure to achieve any of its objectives, the US-Saudi aggression is notorious for its indiscrimination shown by its numerous attacks against densely-populated centers especially in Sa’adah province, including markets, hospitals, and schools.

Tens of thousands have died since August 2015, when Saudi Arabia and a number of its regional allies launched its devastating campaign against Yemen.