Enstef org launches report on UN complicity with aggression


Entisaf Organization for Women and Child Rights has launched a report entitled “The United Nations.. Complicity with Aggression and Partner in Killing Children.”

The report dealt with the silence of the United Nations regarding the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen due to the brutal raids on civilians, especially children, and the siege imposed on them by the US-Saudi aggression.

The organization’s report pointed out that the United Nations has been watching the violations committed against children over the past seven years.

The United Nations did not issue a single decision to lift the siege imposed on Yemen by land, sea and air, which has had catastrophic effects in all sectors, whether economic, health, and others, the report explained.

It also discussed the shameful position of the United Nations, in which it was stripped of humanity when it removed the aggression coalition more than once from the blacklist of child killers.

The report documented the crimes committed by the coalition against civilians, especially children, indicating that the aggression caused the death of 3,816 children, and wounded 4,149 others until the end of June 2021.