Rape Crimes Escalate in Aden


The crimes of the armed factions continue in the city of Aden, where, on Wednesday, one of the armed men raped a child in the city.

Local sources said that one of the armed factions of the Transitional Council loyal to the UAE raped a child, no more than five years old, in the Madara area, in the city center.

The sources confirmed that the perpetrator had previously assaulted the child several weeks ago and was arrested, but he was released under the direction of the commander of the security sector in the Sheikh Othman Directorate, Alaa Al-Mashreqi, before he returned to committing the crime.

Another gunman from the transitional factions committed a few days before the rape of a child in the city of Aden

Rapes and kidnappings are escalating in Aden amid the involvement of the STC leaders.