TeleYemen reveals $ 70 million investments to modernize Internet


Al-Thawra Net

Chief Executive Officer of the International Telecommunications Company “TeleYemen” Dr. Ali Naji Nassari on Sunday revealed the company owns investments worth $ 70 million in the internet field.

In a press conference held by the company in Sanaa, Dr. Nassari explained that these investments are on two tracks via two marine cables in order to modernize the telecommunications sector and move to the fourth and fifth generations, as the two tracks provide a capacity of 4,000 gigabits per second.

“The repair of the marine cable (Falcon) and the return of the Internet service in Yemen to its normal position placed the telecommunications sector in front of a great responsibility for the continuation of this service,” Dr. Nassari added.

Dr. Nassari indicated to the dangers of internet outages in light of the ban imposed on TeleYemen from using its own alternatives.

A statement issued by the company at the conference elaborated that the company (TeleYemen) has invested in the marine cable (AAE-1) in Aden and has large capacities costing $ 40 million, as well as in the marine cable (SMW5) and has large capacities costing $ 29 million, which has become available since 2017.

According to the statement, the company was unable to use its own capacities as a result of some parties storming the cable station in Aden and preventing it from connecting capacities through it, while the other cable could not be completed because the construction of the marine cable in Hodeidah city was not completed due to the security conditions.