Prisoner tortured to death by Saudi mercenaries in Marib


One of prisoners of the Yemeni army and popular committees was martyred in the prisons of Saudi-led mercenaries in Marib province due to torture, the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs said in a statement issued on Saturday.

According to the statement, in the last week, the mercenaries brutally tortured Hamid Hammoud Abu Halfa until he died inside one of their prisons in the province.

The committee explained  added that during the implementation of an exchange deal last weekend, the Committee was surprised by receiving the prisoner Hamid Hammoud Abu Halfa, a dead body with traces of torture.

It noted that after the examination of the body by the forensic doctor, it was confirmed that the prisoner had been martyred under torture.

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs condemned this heinous crime, blaming the leadership of the Saudi-led  aggression and their mercenaries in Marib for moral and legal responsibility.

The crimes of aggression against prisoners were a natural consequence of the silence of the United Nations and its organizations operating in Yemen, the statement read.

The statement  called on the UN envoy to condemn this crime and put pressure on the forces of aggression and their mercenaries to stop these criminal practices against prisoners.

It also called on all local and international organizations to condemn such crimes and prosecute the perpetrators so that they could receive their deterrent punishment