UN: Yemen Needs $ 1.8 Billion To Meet The Humanitarian Requirements


Al- Thawra Net
Jamie McGoldrick, UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen, confirmed that Yemen needs 14 million Yemeni Riyal for necessary aid.
He called the international community to provide more support to meet the Yemenis humanitarian requirements.
At a press conference held in the Jordanian capital, Amman, McGoldrick said that approximately 14 million Yemenis needed for necessary and urgent aids and supplies due to the ongoing conflict there , especially provinces in borders like Sa’ada.
” humanitarian work in Yemen needs $ 1.8 billion, while donors’ assistance during the last year was 892 million dollars, which is equivalent to 56 percent of the total $ 1.6 billion, but we still need more,” he explained.
McGoldrick pointed that the response plan focuses on the access to the largest possible number of people affected by the crisis to save lives and deliver aid to them in the fastest time.
“In the past February we have been targeting three million people but we reached 2.9 million. we hope to reach as many as possible in the coming months,” McGoldrick added.
UN Humanitarian Coordinator also mentioned the difficulties that the humanitarian work is facing in Yemen where some areas are impossible to be access as a result of the ongoing risky conflict .
The UN official also called for a political solution as an only solution to the Yemeni crisis , “we do not expect a quick political solution as a result of the different parties an groups in Yemen.”
For his part, Muhannad Hadi, the WFP regional office Director, said that the program works with all organizations operating in Yemen to help the Needy people.
” The food security in Yemen are running especially since there are more than 14 million people suffer from food insecurity, including 7.6 million people facing a sharp lack of food,” He clarified.